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Painless Lipo Light

Lipo Light stimulates fat cells, allowing fat to exit if you perform cardio exercise after the treatment. You can get the results you expect in the areas you want without pain, bruising, or swelling afterward. There are no side effects. $200

Let fat exit your body

After the Lipo Light treatment, your lymphatic system, which is powered by muscle movement, will release enzymes. These enzymes will turn triglycerides into free fatty acids, which will then be burned during exercise. Note that if you do not perform exercise after your treatment, the fat will be reabsorbed into the cells.

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Jumpstart your fat burning

You can use a vibration plate to jumpstart your lymphatic system before you exercise. It will result in a better fat burning process. During the actual Lipo Light treatment, you'll feel a relaxing, gentle warmth. Make fat burning easier without the painful procedure!

Lose Fat Without the Pain